Need Employment Law Help?

As a valued client of The Accounting Company (Leeds) you are entitled to a free HR, Employment Law or Health and Safety consultation with Employment Law Advice Bureau.

Our private and confidential employer focused advice service is geared completely towards business owners, company directors and senior decision makers. You will receive definitive answers to all your HR, Employment Law and Health & Safety questions, helping you to move forwards quickly and in complete confidence with your chosen course of action.

Different ways we can help you…

  • ACAS Pre-Conciliation Guidance

  • Employment Tribunals (And Threats Of)

  • Health & Safety

  • Removing Problem Employees (Dismissals)

  • Sickness (Stress, Anxiety, Depression)

  • Irreconcilable Breakdowns Of Trust

  • Contracts Of Employment

  • Redundancies & Lay Offs

  • Holidays & Entitlements

  • Maternity & Paternity

  • GDPR Compliance

  • Commercial Business Advice

“It’s real peace of mind having you there in case any Employment Law issues come up. Whenever we’ve ever needed you, you always answer any questions or queries that we have and we know that we can speak to someone anytime on the 24hr helpline if we need you. Great service!”

Andi Vasiliou, The Burtree Inn

“Really appreciate your help. I had an issue with an employee who threatened us with a tribunal, it completely knocked us sideways as we had no idea of the cost in time and money in defending them even when you’ve done nothing wrong!  All sorted now thanks again.”

Dave Preston, ABC Electrics


Please call 0800 124 4903 (quoting partner ref: TACL) or complete the form below with the information that we require. Once received our Employment Law Expert will endeavour to contact you within the next 30-60 mins to assist you further with your queries.


    A. This is the standard all organisations must meet before opening for business. Businesses will have to demonstrated this via a risk assessment. Contact us to ensure your business is COVID secure.

    A. Is where a business identifies hazards that could harm employees, visitors, members of the public etc. They would then need to put control measure in place to reduce the risk of harm from these hazards. This must be done by a competent person. Get in touch for assistance with risk assessments.

    A. Every employer must appoint one or more competent person(s) to assist them by law. A competent person must have the relevant skills, knowledge and experience to assist the employer. Contact us about appointing a competent person

    A. Yes they can… get in touch to make sure this doesn’t happen.

    A. You are obliged to get them back to work and if you have exhausted the full procedures you are actually allowed to terminate their employment… Contact us for the full answer.

    A. In most circumstances no you must follow the legal process… call us for more information straight away.

    A. The law prohibits deductions from wages unless you have written consent… contact us first before taking action.

    A. It depends on what your contract says… call us for a contract review.

    Meet Some Of Our Team

    Glynis Culley
    Senior HR Advisor

    Richard Morton
    Qualified Solicitor (in Scotland)

    Joy Gateley
    Senior Employment Law Advisor

    Lee Churchill
    Senior H&S Advisor

    How do we help Employers?

    We work exclusively for employers only (not employees), we offer FREE employment law and HR advice based on the ACAS Code of Practice. The Governments advisory and conciliation department ACAS are impartial and work with the best interests of both employers and employees in mind. Specialists at the Employment Advice Bureau are focusing exclusively on employers needs only offering commercial and pragmatic HR support that allows the business interests to be placed first.