Welcome to ACAS Code Based Employment Law Helpline

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Welcome to ACAS Code Based Employment Law Helpline

Although ACAS does not arbitrate in employment disputes it can refer the dispute to an independent arbitrator. The Employment Advice Bureau can provide general advice on employment related issues ranging from health and safety to equality, redundancy, contracts and much more.

You can receive advice on anything that affects you as an employer and receive assistance once a claim has been issued. We can help with negotiations between employers and claimants, advising on time frames and legal requirements. Our advice is free advice for UK based employers and our aim is always to find a solution that is acceptable to all parties concerned.

What is the role ACAS provides?

The Advisory Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) is a publicly-funded statutory body and independent organisation which “aims to improve organisations and working life through better employment relations”.

The role ACAS code covers includes a wide range of issues which employers and employees may find themselves faced with, and sets out the guidelines of how each issue should be addressed, making it an essential resource for any employer.